Ever feel like you’re not “getting enough” out of the Mass?

I brought this problem to a priest, and he had some good advice. He suggested reading the readings beforehand and meditating on them.

For a time, this helped. But I soon felt I was still not getting enough out of it. I was only getting out what I was putting in.

I felt like I needed a guide to the readings of the Mass.

At some point it occurred to me there are many guides from throughout Church history who could help me “get more” out of the readings.

That’s exactly who I consulted when I started Sermonry.

Sermonry takes the readings from the traditional Latin Mass and puts commentaries from saints and scholars right next to them.

Now I don’t have to rifle through a bunch of dusty yet fascinating books. Sermonry has some of the best biblical commentaries right next to that day’s readings.

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