Gradual of All Saints

Psalm 33:10-11

Fear the Lord, all ye His Saints; for there is no want to them that fear Him. V. But they that seek the Lord shall not be deprived of any good.


Verse 10. Want. In the old law, God was more particularly engaged to defend his servants from distress. Though, as they were sometimes under oppression, they knew that they were to look for more substantial blessings from heaven. Hence they would not have exchanged their condition for that of the richest worldling. Such ought to be still more our sentiments, since we have beheld Christ dying naked on the cross, and his martyrs rejoicing under the most excruciating torments. C.

Verse 11. Rich of this world, (1 Tim. vi. 17. M.) are often poor in spiritual gifts. W. — Those who are poor in both respects, are truly miserable, (H.) since they cannot satisfy their craving appetite. But the prophet admires those who are poor in spirit, whether they have many possessions or not. Bert. — The fear of the Lord is his treasure. Is. xxxiii. 6. The saint is content under every dispensation of Providence. H. — Lazarus was truly rich even here; and in heaven his is covered with glory. Lu. xvi. 20. S. Jer. C. — Heb. “the lions have wanted.” S. Jer. — This may have been the case: yet those who fear God shall be filled; or, the rich may be designated by the name of lion’s whelps, on account of their power and avidity. C. — The same term, cephirim, is often applied to men in power. Ezec. xix 2. Job iv. 10. Bert. — Good. If the saints be sometimes deprived of provisions, they know that it is better for them; as God directs all for their good. H.

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