Alleluia of Feast of the Ascension

Psalm 46:6,8

Alleluia, alleluia. V. God is ascended with jubilee, and the Lord with the sound of a trumpet.


Verse 6. Trumpet. Christ ascended, accompanied by choirs of angels. His apostles proclaimed his truths. C. — They were not left desolate, but joyful; having the Paraclete sent the them.

Verse 8. Wisely. Heb. mascil, which is so often rendered “understanding” in the titles. No one can do well, what he does not understand. C. — The union of faith and good works, is singing wisely. S. Chrys. C. — Concordent manus & lingua. S. Aug. D. — Let each strive to know the mysteries of faith. W.

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