Offertory of Easter Sunday

Psalm 75:9-10

The earth trembled and was still when God arose in judgment, alleluia.


Verse 9. Heard. Some edit. of the Sept. read, “thou hast darted judgment.” S. Aug. — Still. All were filled with astonishment, and Sennacherib was glad to escape in the most private manner. C. — Persecutors will all be terrified when the signs of judgment begin to appear in heaven, when are here represented as past, on account of thier certainty. W. — The divine power will be again displayed. M.

Verse 10. God. After the signs of dissolution, the Son of God shall come to judge. Bert. — The earth is now full of bustle: but then all shall be silent. S. Aug. — Meek. Ezechias had given large sums to preserve peace. 4 K. xviii. 14. C. — Judgment will take place for the sake of the just. W.

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