Communion of Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Psalm 95:8-9

Bring up sacrifices, and come into His courts: adore ye the Lord in His holy court.


Verse 8. Sacrifices. Heb. Mincha, “the oblation” of flour, &c. (H.) which denotes the blessed Eucharist, and the spiritual sacrifices of prayer, &c. M. — Victims shall cease, but the pure oblation shall continue among the Gentiles. Mal. i. 11. Bert. — Courts. This shews that their conversion is predicted, since they could not otherwise come thither. C.

Verse 9. Moved. Heb. “in labour,” (Is. xxvi. 17. Theod. C.) or “fear ye before him all the earth.” Houbig. — In Par. the sentences are in a different order. H.

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