Gradual of Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Ps 121:1,7

I rejoiced at the things that were said to me: We shall go into the house of the Lord. V. Let peace be in thy strength, and abundance in the towers.


Verse 1. Canticle. Hebr. Chal. and Syr. add, “of David,” (C.) who saw in spirit the glory of the temple under Solomon, or the return of the captives, and the felicity of souls in heaven. Bert. — See Ps. xli. — What is said of the earthly Jerusalem, is beautifully applied to heaven by S. Aug. &c. The captive Levites might write this psalm. C. — Lord. Many prophets assured the Jews of their speedy deliverance, as preachers still set before the people the joys of heaven; all which filled the psalmist with rapture. W. — The motive for this joy is disinterested and edifying. The captives had begged for redress in the former psalms. C. — Before they had been chastised, they profane the temple. S. Chrys.

Verse 7. Strength. Fortifications, (Bert.) or army. — Towers, or “palaces.” Heb. Jer. xxxi. 23. C. — He insists so much on the blessing of peace, because he foresaw that Jerusalem would one day neglect it. Lu. xix. 42. Charity dwells in the towers or saints, (Bert.) and makes us resemble God. S. Chrys. de Laud. S. Paul. iii.

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