Offertory of Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Ex. 24:4,5

Moses consecrated an altar to the Lord, offering upon it holocausts, and sacrificing victims: he made an evening sacrifice to the Lord God for an odour of sweetness, in the sight of the children of Israel.


Verse 4. Titles. That is, pillars; (Ch.) or altars, round that made of turf; (C. xx. 24); which represented God. Part of the blood was poured upon this altar, and the rest upon the Hebrews, to remind them, that if they proved rebellious, their blood should be spilt. C.

Verse 5. Holocausts: whole burnt-offerings: in which the whole sacrifice was consumed with fire, upon the altar. Ch. — It is not said that these young men were to officiate as priests. Moses acted alone in this capacity, pouring the blood. — Calves, and he-goats also. Heb. ix. 19. The book was also sprinkled with the blood (C.) mixed with water; for which purpose scarlet wool and hyssop were employed, as S. Paul learnt from tradition, or by inspiration. H.

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