Offertory of First Sunday in Lent

Psalm 90:4-5

THE Lord will overshadow thee with His shoulders, and under His wings thou shalt trust: His truth shall compass thee with a shield.


Verse 4. With. Sept. “upon.” S. Aug. “between,” as the Lord carried Israel. Deut. xxxii. 11. C. — Heb. “he will cover thee with his feathers,” (H.) like an eagle. M.

Verse 5. Shield. God’s fidelity, or word, affords the best protection. Prov. xxx. 5. C. — Having the spirit of faith, a man is secure. But he whose heart is hardened, (Bert.) is covered with the buckler of God’s affliction, (Lam. iii. 64. H.) abuses every thing, and seems bewitched with self-love. Gal. i. Bert. — Night. Devils, spectres, &c. (Cant. iii. 7. C.) and treacherous insinuations, that people are not bound to confess the truth, in time of danger. W.

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