Communion of Immaculate Conception

Psalm 88:36-38

Glorious things are told of thee, O Mary, for He who is mighty hath done great things unto thee.


Verse 36. Holiness. Or by myself , having nothing greater. Heb. vi. 13. C. — I will not. Lit. “if I lie,” which is a Heb. idiom, (Bert.) implying as much. W. — I have sworn irrecoverably, once for all. M.

Verse 38. Witness. Which may refer to the throne, or to the sun, (C.) or to the rainbow. Bert. D. — As long as the stars subsist, so long shall his throne be established. C. — The Church shines like the sun, and is easily known. Bert. — God, (Euseb.) or Christ, attests the promises. S. Jer. Is. lv. 4. Apoc. i. 5. — The rainbow was assigned as a memorial, that the world should no more be drowned. Gen. ix. The other covenants made God have no less stability. H. — Christian souls may shine in virtue, like the sun, or full moon, (W.) particularly (H.) after the resurrection, when they will be perfect, and not liable to change. S. Aug.

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