Epistle of Monday of the First Week of Lent

Ezechiel 34:11-16

Thus says the Lord God: I Myself will look after and tend My sheep. As a shepherd tends his flock when he finds himself among his scattered sheep, so will I tend My sheep. I will rescue them from every place where they were scattered when it was cloudy and dark. I will lead them out from among the peoples and gather them from the foreign lands; I will bring them back to their own country and pasture them upon the mountains of Israel in the land’s ravines and all its inhabited places. In good pastures will I pasture them, and on the mountain heights of Israel shall be their grazing ground. There they shall lie down on good grazing ground, and in rich pastures shall they be pastured on the mountains of Israel. I Myself will pasture My sheep; I Myself will give them rest, says the Lord God. The lost I will seek out, the strayed I will bring back, the injured I will bind up, the sick I will heal, but the sleek and the strong I will destroy, shepherding them rightly, says the Lord almighty.


Verse 12. Day, in persecution. I will count my sheep, lest any be lost.

Verse 13. Land. All this cannot be understood of the synagogue alone.

Verse 16. Preserve,r (Sept. Syr.) which seems more natural than Heb. and Chal. “destroy.” I will not eat them, like bad shepherds. v. 3. C. — God and those whom he sends, will take care of the flock. Eph. iv. W.

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