Introit of Most Holy Name of Mary

Psalm 44:13, 15-16

All the rich among the people shall entreat Thy countenance: after her shall virgins be brought to the King: her companions shall be brought to Thee in gladness and rejoicing. Ps. My heart hath uttered a good word: I speak my works to the King. Glory be to the Father.


Verse 13. Daughters of Tyre; the city, with her dependant villages. Bossuet. — Tyre might send presents on this grand occasion, or might even pay tribute. 2 Par. ix. 26. C. — Idolatrous nations submitted to Christ. Bert.

Verse 15. Neighbours. The Jews, as well as the Gentiles, shall embrace the faith. C. — Virginity became honourable only after the coming of Christ. S. Chrys.

Verse 16. Temple. Even virgins (H.) out of the Church, cannot please the king. S. Aug. W.

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