Offertory of The Nativity of Our Lord - Midnight Mass

Psalm 95:11,13

Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad before the face of the Lord: because He cometh.


Verse 11. Fulness. Its raging billows, (C.) fishes, (M.) those who live upon the water. H. — Let all testify their joy. Every thing is animated by the psalmist. C.

Verse 13. Judge. Or “rule,” as he invites all to rejoice. C. — But this will be done by all nature, when God shall punish the wicked. H. — He now judges by his ministers, and will pass sentence at the last day. W. — This verse is added, instead of the last there in 1 Par. xvi. which occur in Ps. cv. H.

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