Alleluia of Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Ps. 104:1

Alleluia, alleluia. Give glory to the Lord, and call upon His name: declare His deeds among the nations. Alleluia.


Verse 1. Alleluia. This word occurs at the end of the preceding psalm in Heb. and means, “Praise ye the Lord,” though it is also used as an exclamation of joy; for which reason it is left untranslated. See Apoc. xx. S. Aug. ep. ad Casulan. C. — It implies that we must praise God with all our power; and Catholic writers retain this (W.) and similar words in the original. H. — The first 15 verses of this psalm nearly agree with that which was composed by David, when the ark was to be removed from the house of Obededon. 1 Par. xvi. 8. 22. H. — But the last part seems to have been added by him, or by another afterwards, with some small alterations. Bert. — It was perhaps adapted to the dedication of the second temple, with the two following psalms. C. — Gentiles. Their conversion is thus insinuated. C. — The apostles preached to all. Euseb. — How much more ought we not to celebrate the mysteries of Christ? W.

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