Communion of Octave Day of the Nativity

Isaiah. 7:14

All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God.


Verse 14. Virgin, halma, (H.) one secluded from the company of men. Alma in Latin signifies “a holy person,” and in Punic “a virgin.” The term is never applied to any but “a young virgin.” If it meant a young woman, what sort of a sign would this be? S. Jer. — It was indeed above the sagacity of man to declare that the child to be born would be a boy, and live till the kings should be destroyed. But the prophet undoubtedly speaks of Jesus Christ, the wonderful, &c. (c. ix. 5.) as well as of a boy, who should prefigure him, and be an earnest of the speedy destruction of the two kings. He was to be born of Isaias, (c. viii. 4.) and of all the qualities belonging to the true Emmanuel, only that regards him, which intimates that the country should be delivered before he should come to years of discretion. v. 16. C. Diss. Bossuet — The Fathers generally apply all to Christ. — Called. Or shall be in effect. C. i. 26. C. — The king hardly trusted in God’s mercies, whereupon the incarnation of Christ, &c. is foretold. W.

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