Offertory of Passion Sunday

Psalm 118:17,107

I will confess to Thee, O Lord, with my whole heart: render to Thy servant: I shall live and keep Thy words: enliven me according to Thy word, O Lord.


Verse 17. Give. Heb. “avenge.” Ps. xii. 6. and cxxxvii. 9. Draw me from this state of oppression, (C.) or rather, give me abundant grace, (Bert.) and eternal life. S. Hil. — I cannot fulfil the law, without thy grace. W. — Enliven me. So the Sept. of Aldus reads, though the Roman and Heb. have, “I shall live.” Deut. xxx. 19. Bert.

Verse 107. Quicken. This petition, with the praise of the law, is the subject of this psalm. C. — All the godly must suffer, 2 Tim. iii. 12. W.

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