Gradual of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

Psalm 70:5-6; 40:13

My hope, O Lord, from my youth: by Thee have I been confirmed from the womb; from my mother’s womb Thou art my protector. But Thou hast upheld me by reason of my innocence, and hast established me in Thy sight forever.


Psalm 70

Verse 5. Patience. Confiding on thee, I lost not patience; (S. Aug. W.) or rather, (Amama) all my expectations are from thee. Ps. lxi. 6. C.

Verse 6. Art my. Heb. “hast taken me,” (H.) or “cut the navel string.” Ezec. xv. 4. Thou hast acknowledged me for thy son, by taking me upon thy knee, as soon as I was born. Gen. l. 22. Ps. xxi. 11.

Psalm 40

Verse 13. Innocence. Jesus was the spotless lamb incapable of sin. He effaced it by his blood, and is therefore crowned with glory. Heb. ii. 9. Phil. ii. 9. C. — This innocence made him a fit victim for sin. W.

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