Gradual of Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Psalm 118:52-53; 39:11

I remembered, O Lord, Thy judgments of old, and I was comforted; a fainting hath taken hold of me because of the wicked that forsake Thy law. I have not hid Thy justice within my heart. I have declared Thy truth and Thy salvation.


Psalm 118

Verse 52. Of old. Upon the rebel angels, and sinful men, whom thou wilt punish for ever. This encourages me to adhere to the cause of virtue. W. — In many dangers our ancestors have been protected by God. Is his arm shortened, or are we no longer his people? C. 1 Pet. iv. 12.

Verse 53. Fainting. So much was the psalmist grieved at the sight of sinners! Bert. — He would have died through zeal, if he had not seen God’s justice. W. — Apostates particularly filled him with horror. C.

Psalm 39

Verse 11. Thy. Some copies of the Sept. have, my justice, as well as the Ethiopic version. Eus. S. Aug. &c. C. — But the Vulg. is more correct. Bert. — Council. Christ conceals not his mercy and truth from the greatest and wisest congregations. He spoke boldly before Annas and Caiphas, as S. Paul did at Athens, &c. W. — David testifies his gratitude, and invites all to praise God with him. C. — But we must particularly learn from our Saviour, a horror of sin; the knowledge of his mysteries; confidence in his mercy; and a conviction, that we can never be saved but by his grace. He has announced these things, and then he finishes his career, by suffering for us, and pours forth his supplications to God. Bert.

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