Offertory of Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria

Psalm 137:1,2

I will sing praise to Thee in the sight of the angels; I will adore at Thy holy temple, and give glory to Thy name.


Verse 1. David. It contains a form of thanksgiving for him, or for any other. W. Bert. — Some Greek copies add, “of Aggeus and Zacharias.” But this is of small authority, though they might sing this psalm (C.) when the Jews had been delivered from all their enemies, (Origen) under Darius, who married Esther. It might also be used by Ezechias, after his recovery, (C.) or by David, when he found himself at rest, (Muis) and had the Messias in view. Bert. — Praise. Lit. “confess,” (H.) by repentance, (S. Jer.) and praise. S. Hil. — For, &c. This sentence is placed after angels, in Sept. and is not at all in Heb. Bert. Chal. Syr. &c. C. — It seems probable that the Sept. found this reason for praise in their copies. — Angels. Some would translate “judges, gods,” &c. But the psalmist would rather pray before the angels, who would attend in the temple, and present his petitions. Bert. Apoc. v. and viii. Const. Apost. viii. 4. — Their presence ought to full us with awe, (Lu. xii. 8. and 1 Tim. v. 21.) and with confidence, if our prayer comes from the heart. H. — Such God will hear, and the angels will present. Tob. xii. Acts x. and 1 Cor. xi. 10. Ps. xxiv. 10.

Verse 2. Towards. Thus the Jews acted, when they were at a distance from the temple, and in captivity. W. — Truth. Which thou hast displayed in my regard. — Holy. Sept. may have perhaps written Logion, “Word,” agreeably to the Heb. though our version seems more easy. Bert. — S. Jerom (ad Sun.) explains it of Jesus Christ, the Word, whose name is so exalted, (Phil. ii. 9. C.) as well as the divine majesty. W. — The holy doctor translates, “thou hast magnified thy word above every name.” But thy is joined with name in Heb. Others would supply, “thy name and thy word.” Bert. — Strength. Sept. &c. add, “thy.” C. — All virtue comes from God. H. — If my prayer be granted, as formerly, I shall advance in virtue. S. Chrys. Eph. iii. 14.

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