Gradual of Saint Frances of Rome

Psalm 44:3, 5

Grace is poured abroad in thy lips: therefore God hath blessed thee for ever and for ages of ages. Because of truth, and meekness, and justice: and thy right hand shall conduct thee wonderfully.


Verse 3. Beautiful. The corporal beauty of Christ may be problematical. H. — But justice is the truest beauty. S. Aug. — All admired his eloquence, (Lu. iv. 22. and Jo. vii. 46.) and innumerable converts were made, by the preaching of his word. S. Jer. — The young women here address the spouse. — Therefore, I say, (Rabbins) or “because” God hath chosen thee freely. Solomon was styled the beloved, (2 K. xii. 25.) and was highly favoured. Wisd. viii. 20. and 3 K. iv. 29. &c. But this was only a figure of Jesus Christ, (C.) whose hypostatical union was an effect of gratuitous predestination, (S. Aug. præd. xv.) though his other graces were merited. S. Chrys. Sa. C. — He was most excellent in all sorts of gifts. W.

Verse 5. Reign. Devise, execute, and perfect the establishment of thy spiritual kingdom. W. — Solomon was no warrior; but he only wanted enemies to be so. The sword of Christ is his word, (Heb. iv. 12.) anger, (Apoc. xix. 15. C.) or human nature. S. Jer. — Some translate, “and ride,” because kings were mounted on chariots, and governed their people with the reins of justice, &c. Robertson. — Justice. These titles are eagerly desired by monarchs; as martial prowess, clemency, and justice, (C.) render them objects of terror, and of love. H. — Christ conquered by his miracles, mildness, &c. (C.) propagating the truth, and punishing the rebellious. W. Ps. ii. 8.

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