Introit of Saint John Bosco

III Kings 4:29; Psalm 112:1

God gave to him wisdom and understanding exceeding much, and largeness of heart as the sand that is on the sea shore. Ps. Praise the Lord, ye children: praise ye the Name of the Lord. Glory be to the Father.


III Kings

Verse 29. Hart magnanimity, which pride often attempts to imitate, and is therefore designated by the same expression. Prov. xxi. 4. The genius of Solomon was also most penetrating and comprehensive. C. — Ænomaus thus addresses Apollo, “Thou who knowest, both the number of the sands and the extent of the sea—who understandest the dumb, and hearest the man who has not spoken.” Eus. præp. v. 34. H.

Psalm 112

Verse 1. Alleluia. The Jews style this, and the five following psalms, “the great Alleluia,” which they sing after eating the paschal lamb. Eusebius adds, “a psalm of Aggæus and Zacharias,” as it seems to speak of the captives, who return thanks for their deliverance; (Is. xlv. 6. &c. C.) or David has left this model of thanksgiving for all. Bert. — Children. Heb. “slaves.” M. — The Greek and Latin may signify both. H. — He addresses the Levites, who were addicted to God’s service, or the new converts, who were become docile like little children, (1 Peter ii. 2. Ps. viii. 3. C.) and in a word, (H.) all God’s servants. W.

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