Epistle of Saint John the Apostle

Ecclesiasticus 15:1-6

He that feareth God will do good: and he that possesseth justice shall lay hold on her, and she will meet him as an honourable mother. With the bread of life and understanding she shall feed him and give him the water of wholesome wisdom to drink: and she shall be made strong in him, and he shall not be moved: and she shall hold him fast, and he shall not be confounded: and she shall exalt him among his neighbours, and in the midst of the Church she shall open his mouth, and shall fill him with the spirit of wisdom and understanding, and shall clothe him with a robe of glory. The Lord our God shall heap upon him a treasure of joy and gladness, and shall cause him to inherit an everlasting name.


Verse 1. Good. Gr. “these things, and he who possess the knowledge of the law will find her,” (C.) or, “he who keeps the law, will receive her.” Grabe. 1 Cor. iv. 20. H. — All who resolve to be virtuous, will have God’s grace, which preventeth them, and continueth to afford them assistance. W.

Verse 2. Married. Lit. “from virginity.” H. — Those who have been espoused in youth have the most durable love for one another. Prov. ii. 17. Mal. ii. 14. C.

Verse 5. She. Or Gr. “he shall open his mouth, (6.) he shall find joy and a crown of exultation, and shall inherit,” &c. H. — Church, or assembly of the people. In both, the wise shall be heard with respect. C.

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