Introit of Saint Pius X

Psalm 88:20-22

I have raised up a chosen man from my people, with my holy oil I have anointed him so that my hand is always with him and my arm strengthens him. Ps. The graces of the Lord I will sing forever, with my mouth I will make known thy faithfulness through all the ages. Glory be to the Father.


Verse 20. Then, may relate to a distant time, when God chose Israel. M. — Saints. Heb. “merciful ones.” Samuel, or Nathan, Sept. Arab. &c. have “sons.” The rest read “saints.” S. Jer. — People. As Moses had written. Deut. xvii. 15. C. — This regards David, as a figure of the Messias, (Lu. i. 32. Ezec. xxxiv. 23. Bert.) in whom it was more fully verified, 2 K. v. Acts xiii. 22. W.

Verse 21. Oil. Sept. Vat. has, “mercy,” and is followed by S. Jerom in Ezec. lv. 3. C. — But is a mistake, eleei being put for elaiw. Bert.

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