Communion of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus

Deuteronomy 32:10-12

He led her about and taught her: and He kept her as the apple of His eye. As the eagle, He spread His wings and hath taken her, and carried her on His shoulders. The Lord alone was her leader.


Verse 10. He found. Sept. and Chal. “he gave him what was sufficient, in the desert land.” God made a choice of a nation destitute of every thing, that they might confess with gratitude that they had received all from him. C. — “Taught him” both by “instructions,” and by various “chastisements.” Sept. epaideusen. H. — The space of forty years was necessary (C.) to eradicate the propensity to evil, and the corrupt manners of the Hebrews, who were therefore conducted through a wilderness, where they might not be contaminated by the company of other nations, (H.) but might have leisure to meditate on the law of God. C. — Eye, with the utmost care. M. — He protected those whom he had chosen out of pure mercy. W.

Verse 11. Shoulders, as (Ex. xix. 4,) upon the wings of eagles. It is said that the eagle hovers over the nest, to encourage her young ones to fly, and when she sees them exhausted, she takes them upon her back. This similitude shews the extreme affection of God towards his people. Heb. and Chal. may also be, “as an eagle makes (C. or stirs up) her nest, hatches her young, spreads her wings over them, and bears them upon her wings, so the Lord alone was his leader.” H.

Verse 12. With him, to stand up in their defence, though the Israelites adored but too many others in the desert.

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