Epistle of Saint William

Ecclesiasticus 45:1-6

He was beloved of God and men, whose memory is in benediction; He made him like the saints in glory, and magnified him in the fear of his enemies; and with his words he made prodigies to cease; He glorified him in the sight of kings, and gave him commandments in the sight of his people, and showed him his glory; He sanctified him in his faith and meekness, and chose him out of all flesh; for He heard him and his voice, and brought him into a cloud; and He gave him commandments before his face, and a law of life and instruction.


Verse 1. Men. Pharao, Jethro, and the whole nation of the Hebrews, whom he governed as a father, being the mildest of men. Num. xii. 23. His life was a continued miracle, and he was honoured more than any prophet, (ib. vi. Acts vii. C.) seeing God’s works more clearly, but not his substance. Ex. xxxiii. W.

Verse 2. Saints, patriarchs or angels, as he saw God face to face. — Enemies. The Egyptians, Amalecites, and all who rebelled against God. — Cease. Removing the scourges which he had inflicted. His serpent devoured those of the magicians, who were confounded before him.

Verse 3. Kings. Pharao, Og, &c. — Glory, when he had passed by. Ex. xxxiii. 22.

Verse 4. Meekness, giving him these necessary qualifications to rule a rebellious people. v. 1.

Verse 5. Heard. Gr. “made him hear his voice.”

Verse 6. Face, familiarly. — Life, by observing which, the Hebrews might live. Thus the trees of life and of knowledge were a sort of remedy against death and ignorance. Gen. ii. 9. C.

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