Offertory of Saint William

Psalm 20:3,4

Thou hast given him his heart’s desire, O Lord, and hast not withholden from him the will of his lips: Thou hast set on his head a crown of precious stones.


Verse 3. Will. Heb. aresheth, “the proof or request,” (H.) which manifests the will. The term occurs no where else. Bert. — Our Saviour’s greatest desire was the glory of his Father, (H.) in man’s redemption. W.

Verse 4. Sweetness. Heb. “of goodness,” the effects of thy mercy. H. — Thou hast made David a king according to thy own heart, and granted him victory, and many favours, even before he had asked for them. The humanity of Jesus Christ was still more glorified, (C.) by a gratuitous predestination." S. Aug. Prædest. 30. Persev. 24. &c. — Stones. Heb. “fine gold or the topaz.” Ps. xviii. 11. Bert. — David took the crown of Melchom, weighing a talent. 2 K. xii. 30. C. — God gave him the victory on every occasion. Eccli. xlvii. 7. H. — He crowned Jesus Christ, the martyrs, and all those who have been ready to suffer for him. W.

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