Gradual of Saints Simon and Jude

Psalm 44:17-18

Thou shalt make them princes over all the earth: they shall remember Thy name, O Lord. V. Instead of thy fathers, sons are born to thee: therefore shall people praise thee.


Verse 17. Sons. Prot. “shall be thy children.” H. — This was the wish of those present. But it does not appear that the daughter of Pharao had any children, (C.) and thus it seems improbable, that she is here spoken of, as the psalmist foretells the establishment and glory (Bert.) of the Church, by means of the apostles, (S. Chrys.) and their successors, who are made princes over all the world. Let those who are cut off acknowledge this, and come to the unity, that they may be introduced into the temple of the king. S. Aug. W. — Innumerable saints of all ranks, kings and emperors, acknowledge the Church for their mother, and submit to her. C.

Verse 18. They. Heb. Sept. of Ald. and Comp. and the Gr. Fathers, have “I will;” yet this is contrary to the Vat. and Alex. Sept. (Bert.) and seems less accurate. Houbig. — The prophet was not to life for ever, so that the fame of the Church was to be spread by others. Bert. — Ever. There shall be pastors and faithful people to the end. W.

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