Offertory of Second Sunday After Easter

Psalm 62:2,5

O God, my God, to Thee do I watch at break of day: and in Thy name I will lift up my hands, alleluia.


Verse 2. Day. The manna dissolved with the sun beams, and God will be served with diligence. — Flesh. The sensations of my soul affect all my body. W. — Thirst is more insupportable than hunger; and the psalmist could not express his ardour better. C. — He loves God with all his strength, &c. H. — “The soul desires, but the end can be attained only by good works.” Carnis laboribus pervenitur. S. Jer. — O how! Prot. “longeth for thee in a dry,” &c. But come is no Heb. verb, and occurring no where else, is little understood by the Jews. It seems that comu, “as,” should be here, to correspond with the following so. “As my flesh thirsts in this, &c. so in the,” &c. I shall find no less pleasure in attending thy worship, than a thirsty traveller does in finding water. C. — Theodotion agrees with the Sept. in considering this as a compound word posaplwV, (C.) and we had best stick to the most ancient version. Bert.

Verse 5. Hands. Doing good works, as the Fathers explain it. This is the posture of people who pray, or take an oath. Tert. 1 Tim. ii. 8. C. — I will, &c. Comfort is proportioned to suffering for Christ. 2 Cor. i. W.

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