Introit of Second Sunday in Lent

Psalm 24:6,3,22

REMEMBER, O Lord, Thy bowels of compassion, and Thy mercies that are from the beginning of the world, lest at any time our enemies rule over us: deliver us, O God of Israel, from all our tribulations. Ps. To Thee, O Lord, have I lifted up my soul: in Thee, O my God, I put my trust; let me not be ashamed V. Glory be to the Father.


Verse 6. World. God’s truth or fidelity in performing his promises, and his tender mercies towards his people, are the motives most frequently urged. C.

Verse 3. Laugh. Saying scornfully where is their God? C. — Wait. This is often urged (Is. xlii. 23.) as comprising all the science of a spiritual life. We must neither despair nor omit the means of salvation. Bert. — Those who hope for the accomplishment of God’s promises, will not be disappointed. C.

Verse 22. Deliver. Heb. pede, “redeem.” All the 22 (H.) letters of the alphabet are complete without this supplication for all Israel, or for the Church. W. — It might form a part of the last verse, or belong to the next psalm; unless it be a conclusion like that of Ps. xxxiii. (C.) out of the alphabetical order. Houbigant. — Israel. S. Aug. and some ancient psalters read, “Me, O God of Israel, from all my tribulations.” C.

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