Communion of Septuagesima Sunday

Psalm 30:17-18, 2:51

Make Thy face to shine upon Thy servant, and save me in Thy mercy: let me not be confounded, O Lord, for I have called upon Thee.


Psalm 30

Verse 17. Shine propitiously, so as to free me from this storm. C. — Make me acquainted with the right path, and deliver me. W.

Verse 18. Brought. Prot. “be silent in the grave,” (H.) or “in hell.” This is a prediction. When I shall ascend the throne, they will be covered with shame. C. — Let them enter into themselves before they die. H. — Houbigant thinks that the Heb. had formerly, “let them be silent, and descend into the grave;” which seems judicious. David inveighs against his spiritual enemies, and against manifest impiety. Bert.

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