Communion of Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost

Psalm 75:12,13

Vow ye, and pray to the Lord your God, all you that round about Him bring presents: to Him that is terrible, even to Him who taketh away the spirit of princes; to the terrible with all the kings of the earth.


Verse 12. God. Victims of thanksgiving, as was customary after a victory. Psalm xxi. xxvi. xlix. and xiv. He speaks to the people who had been spared, particularly to the priests, though it may be understood also of foreign nations, who complied with this invitation. 2 Par. xxxii. 22. C. — Vows, and their completion, ought not to be separated, even though the thing vowed may have been before a matter of choice, as virginity, &c. S. Aug. Bert. — What says Luther? H.

Verse 13. Away. Heb. “he will cut off,” (Mont.) like grapes: which means rather to destroy, than to bereave of counsel. Is. xix. 13. This might be written after Sennacherib was slain. 4 K. xix. 37. C. — God is terrible, and will demand an account even of princes, respecting vows and other good works. Great discretion is therefore requisite. W.

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