Offertory of Sixth Sunday After Pentecost

Psalm 16:5,6-7

Perfect Thou my goings in Thy paths, that my footsteps be not moved: incline Thy ear, and hear my words: show forth Thy wonderful mercies, Thou who savest them that trust in Thee, O Lord.


Verse 5. Perfect. Heb. “support” me in these hard ways, where I am in continual danger of falling. C. — A Deo est incipere, a Deo est finire. S. Jer. — God’s grace enables us to begin and to perfect every good work. H. — None can walk right of themselves. W.

Verse 6. Heard me, of former occasions. This encourages me to pray with more confidence (Bert.) and fervour. Bona vota quoties effectum percipiunt, multiplicantur. S. Greg. Mor. xxxv. 3. — Heb. also, “thou wilt hear me favourably.” S. Jer. H.

Verse 7. Mercies. We become accustomed to the ordinary effects of grace, which are always admirable; and we are astonished only at miraculous conversions and occurrences. Orig. — Some such manifestation of the divine power seemed now requisite, to deliver David from such a powerful rival as Saul. C. — Syr. “Lord, make thy holy one appear as a prodigy, as the Saviour of those who hope in thee.” S. Jer. — “O thou Saviour of those who hope.” H.

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