Alleluia of Third Sunday After Pentecost

Psalm 7:12

Alleluia, alleluia. V. God is a just judge, strong and patient; is He angry every day? Alleluia.


Verse 12. Strong. Heb. el, means also “God threatening every day;” (H.) which must be a proof of his patience, as the Sept. have intimated, since he could destroy at once. Thus numquid, must be rendered “is he not?” Isai. xxvii. 7. Bert. — God cannot but be displeased at every sin. He threatens the offender daily by secret remorse, or by his preachers and good books. H. — But he often defers punishment (W.) till death, when the measure of crimes is full. S. Aug. — This silence or delay is one of the most terrible of his judgments, (H.) and a mark of his great indignation. If he were, however, to strike every one as soon as he had committed sin, where should we be? “He would soon be alone,” as a pagan observed of “Jupiter, if he were presently to hurl his thunderbolts against every offender.” C. See Val. Max. i. 2. Eccli. v. 4.

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