Gradual of Third Sunday of Advent

Psalm 79:2-3

Thou, O Lord, That sittest upon the Cherubim, stir up Thy might and come. V. Give ear, O Thou that rulest Israel: that leadest Joseph like a sheep.


Verse 2. Joseph. He mentions these two as persons dear to God. All the tribes were equally led away captives, and the distinction of kingdoms was not regarded. C. — All Israel is denoted by Joseph, who composed two tribes, having a double portion; (W. M.) and ruling in Egypt. Bell.

Verse 3. Manasses. These three tribes followed the ark in the desert, (Num. ii. 18.) and might better see the majesty shining over it. W. C. — Let all be united once more in the divine service. Muis. — Samaria, and Jerusalem in part, were in the tribes of Ephraim and Benjamin, (M.) and Manasses occupied both sides of the Jordan. H.

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