Offertory of Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost

Psalm 136:1

Upon the rivers of Babylon there we sat, and wept; when we remembered thee, O Sion.


Verse 1. For Jeremias. For the time of Jeremias, and the captivity of Babylon. Ch. — Or “of” (Jeremiæ. H.) Jeremias; on which subject he composed his Lamentations, as the Sept. thus insinuate. W. — The title may be a later insertion, and is not the same in all the Greek or Latin copies. It is wholly omitted in Heb. &c. Theodoret blames those who have written the name of Jeremias, as he was never at Babylon. C. — He might send the psalm to the captives, (Grot.) though it were written by David, (Gerer.) who was a prophet. See Ps. lxxviii. Bert. — The captives express their sentiments at Babylon, (Bossuet) or at their return; (C.) and thus, under the figure of the earthly Jerusalem, (Bert.) aspire to heaven. S. Aug. — Rivers. Euphrates, &c. The Jews retired to such places to pray. Philo, con. Flac. Acts xvi. 13. H. — Sion, and all the ceremonies of religion. W.

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