Introit of Twenty-second Sunday After Pentecost

Psalm 129:3-4

If Thou shalt observe iniquities, O Lord, Lord, who shall endure it? for with Thee is propitiation, O God of Israel. Ps. From the depths I have cried to Thee, O Lord: Lord, hear my voice. V. Glory be to the Father.


Verse 3. Mark. Heb. “observe or keep.” — It. Heb. “who shall stand upright, (C.) or make opposition.” H. — We all stand in need of mercy, as none can stand before the rigours of divine justice. W.

Si quoties homines peccant, sua fulmina mittat
Jupiter, exiguo tempore inermis erit. Trist. ii. H.

Verse 4. Law. That promises of pardon contained therein. W. — Heb. is now different from what the ancient interpreters read. C. — “Therefore shalt thou be feared.” Mont. H. — Sym. and Theodotion agree with us.

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