Introit of Vigil of the Ascension

Isaias 48:20; Psalm 65:1,2

Declare it with the voice of joy, and make it known, alleluia: declare it even to the ends of the earth: The Lord hath delivered His people, alleluia, alleluia.-Ps. Shout with joy to God, all the earth, sing ye a psalm to His Name: give glory to His praise. Glory be to the Father.


Psalm 65

Verse 1. Psalm. Cassiodorus, &c. add, “of David.” But it is thought, he was not the author of this and the following piece, as his name is not in the original. C. — This argument is, however, of small weight. — Resurrection. Heb. Origen’s Sept. &c. omit these words, (Bert. T. iii.) which seem to have been added by some Greek Christian, who thought he perceived some allusion to the resurrection of Christ, v. 9. The Fathers have well explained it in this sense, though they also apply it literally to the return of the captives, (Theod. C.) and to the general resurrection, the end of all the miseries of the elect, (Bellar.) as well as to the conversion of the Gentiles, (Geneb.) and the resurrection of a soul from the state of sin. H.

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