Sources of Catholic Dogma

Enchiridion Symbolorum et Definitionum, a compilation of sources of Church teaching, has become synonomous with the last name of its original author, Heinrich Joseph Dominicus Denzinger.

Denzinger contains nothing but passages from magisterial writings: the chief decrees and definitions of councils, lists of condemned propositions, letters and other writings from popes and bishops, etc.

Since its first publication in 1854, it has become a standard reference for those looking to see how the Church has continuously taught doctrine.

Council of Constance

How To Read Denzinger

Denzinger is not, strictly speaking, a scriptural commentary.

However, Sermonry includes passages from Denzinger that themselves cite the scripture in the propers.

Each paragraph or section in Denzinger is numbered. Since 1963, there are two numberings: the old, Denzinger numbering, and the new, Denzinger-Schönmetzer numbering.

Sermonry uses the old numbering for the main reason that editions using the older editions are out of copyright, and free to reproduce.