Alleluia of Saint Lucy

Psalm 44.3

Alleluia, alleluia. V. Grace is poured abroad in thy lips, therefore hath God blessed thee forever. Alleluia.


Verse 3. Beautiful. The corporal beauty of Christ may be problematical. H. — But justice is the truest beauty. S. Aug. — All admired his eloquence, (Lu. iv. 22. and Jo. vii. 46.) and innumerable converts were made, by the preaching of his word. S. Jer. — The young women here address the spouse. — Therefore, I say, (Rabbins) or “because” God hath chosen thee freely. Solomon was styled the beloved, (2 K. xii. 25.) and was highly favoured. Wisd. viii. 20. and 3 K. iv. 29. &c. But this was only a figure of Jesus Christ, (C.) whose hypostatical union was an effect of gratuitous predestination, (S. Aug. præd. xv.) though his other graces were merited. S. Chrys. Sa. C. — He was most excellent in all sorts of gifts. W.

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