Communion of Saint Lucy

Psalm 118:161-162

Princes have persecuted me without cause and my heart hath been in awe of Thy words: I will rejoice at Thy words, as one that hath found great spoil.


Verse 161. Princes. Of darkness, or the chiefs of the Philistines, &c. Bert. — Daniel was much exposed to the fury of the Babylonian princes, but he was more afraid of the terrors of the law, (Lev. xxvi.) than of all that they could do against him. C. — Thus the martyrs despised the threats of tyrants. S. Aug. — Cause. The powerful men of this world have no just reason to persecute the just, nor can they make them abandon virtue. W. — S. Basil answered Valens with great intrepidity, shewing how little he apprehended what the emperor could take from him, as we read in S. Greg. Naz. (or. 20.) who says, (or. 6.) let us fear only one thing, which is, to fear any person more than God. Bert.

Verse 162. Spoil. Having just mentioned fear; lest any should think that he entertained any secret dislike for the law; he adds, that it gives him more content than the greatest treasures or conquests can the miser or the hero. v. 14. 72. and 127. C. — He rejoiceth thus in keeping the commandments, how difficult soever they may be. W.

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